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Current Repair 'Turn Around' Time - 15 Working Days (W/C 18/05)

Fast-track repair service (within 5 working days) also available - Please call for full details.


Our dedicated in-house repairs department offers a complete one-stop shop for all Northern Diver drysuit repairs and alterations. It doesn’t stop at our own drysuits though, as we are happy to carry out repairs and alterations to any other brand of dry diving or dry exposure suit.

Let us tailor your equipment to your exact requirements!



Latex neck and wrist seals, and latex socks, are only guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

As latex is a natural rubber product, please treat it with extreme care. Latex seals/socks should be rinsed with clean fresh water, and when dry they should be treated with drysuit seal talc. Please ensure that your drysuit is stored in a way that doesn’t put any stress on the seals (e.g. drysuit hanger should not put pressure on the neck seal).

A diving drysuit or dry exposure suit should be with rinsed using clean fresh water, completely dried and stored in a cool, dry place. The optimum storage temperature is 10°C-16°C.

Do not store or transport your drysuit in a carrier bag or a similar non-breathable bag, especially if the drysuit is wet. Always transport your drysuit to and from dive sites in a breathable drysuit bag. After diving, ensure that your drysuit is rinsed (using fresh, clean water), completely dried and stored as soon as possible. This is especially urgent if the drysuit has been used for diving in salt water.


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     Northern Diver Suit       Other Brand   
Pressure Test             £30.00           £40.00
Cleaning (If Required)              £40.00        £55.00
Wrist Seals (Neoprene / Latex)             £50.00        £65.00
Neck Seals (Neoprene / Latex)             £50.00        £65.00
Heavy Duty Boots             £85.00       £100.00
Safety Boots             £95.00       £110.00
Medium Duty Zip (Rear Entry)            £120.00       £145.00
Heavy Duty Zip (Rear Entry)            £145.00       £165.00
Medium Duty Zip (Front Entry)            £150.00       £180.00
Fly Zip             £90.00       £110.00
Internal Re-Tape or Polymer            £130.00       £150.00
Suit Alterations    
Shorten Legs (Original Boots)             £40.00        £55.00
Blank Off Valve .inc Badge             £25.00        £35.00
Re-position Valve with Reinforcement Circle or Rubber Backing Pad             £25.00        £35.00
Fit Drager Type Cuff Dump             £25.00        £25.00
Fit Variable Shoulder Dump             £40.00        £55.00
Re-Seat Valve             £10.00        £20.00
Fit D-Ring Patch             £15.00        £25.00
Fit Braces .inc 4 Attachment Patches             £45.00        £60.00
Fix Leaks - Price Per Leak             £18.00        £30.00
Heavy-Duty Elbow Pads             £35.00        £50.00
Heavy-Duty Seat Pad             £35.00        £50.00
Cargo Pocket             £40.00        £55.00
Reflective Strips             £25.00        £35.00
All Other Alterations      Price On Enquiry