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Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-01 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-07 IMG_3577 IMG_3571 IMG_3575 IMG_3576 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-02 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-06 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-05 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-03 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-04 M MR MLT L

OUTLET: 4mm Neoprene U-Zip Military Grad...

From £650.00 inc VAT £1,500.00 inc VAT

Origin Drysuit | Commercial Neoprene Diving Drysuit for Sale | Northern Diver International ML Z1901-1 Z1901-2 Z1901-3 Z1901-4 Z1901-5 Z1901-6 Z1901-7

OUTLET: Origin - ML/Boot UK6

£549.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

Z1974-01 M northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_commercial_neoprene_drysuits_origin_drysuit_2015_19_1000x1000 origin-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-06 origin-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-08 origin-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-10 origin-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-13 origin-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-14 origin-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-16 @aworkingdiver-weraing-our-Origin-drysuit

OUTLET: Origin - M/Boot UK8

£549.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

Z2219-1 M Z2219-7 Z2219-2 Z2219-3 Z2219-4 Z2219-5 Z2219-6

OUTLET: Divemaster Drysuit Medium

£475.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

Z2218-1 MLR Z2218 Z2218-4 Z2218-2 Z2218-3 Z2218-5 Z2218-6 Z2218-7 Z2218-8 Z2218-9 Z2218-10

OUTLET: Divemaster MLR/Boot UK10

£475.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

The drysuit is completely Non-Magnetic and used against ordinance for search and detonation tasks S This drysuit design has been provided to the Royal Navy over the years The suit is used operationally in both deep and shallow water The suit is fitted with a Non magnetic heavy duty 6 pitch BDM suit zip and fly zip 4m neoprene with triple glued and blind stitched seams We can design and manufacture non-magnetic neoprene or tri-laminate drysuits to your required specification Our specialist MCM Dive Teams have used this suit for the past 14 years

OUTLET: Divemaster Small/Boot UK8

£475.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT


OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial - MTM (Hei...

£475.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

Divemaster Ladies Drysuit

OUTLET: Divemaster Ladies - MTM (Height...

£449.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Divemaster Ladies - (Height 5'3...

£449.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

divemaster-sport-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-01 The Divemaster Sport drysuit is the first choice of active sport divers Manufactured from a specially formulated 5mm hyper-compressed neoprene The Divemaster Sport can be used in conjunction with any undersuit in our range The Divemaster Sport is available as a perfectly fitting made-to-measure suit Fitted with Rear entry BDM metal zip with protective flap Supplied with neoprene hood, storage bag

OUTLET: Divemaster Sport Ladies MTM (Hei...

£449.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

RBX1-front-and-back-view RBX1-scuba-diver-photo RBX1-equipment-loops-on-wrist RBX1-neil-diving-photo RBX1-left-zipped-cargo-pocket RBX1-right-bellow-knife-pocket RBX1-Commercial-photo RBX1-kevlar-kneepads RBX1-socks RBX1-size-chart-m-mr

OUTLET: RBX Rubatex (M + MR Only)

£449.00 inc VAT £700.00 inc VAT