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5 Essential Deep Diving Accessories

Posted 22/03/2017

Regardless as to whether you're looking to deep dive technically, or recreationally, there are some essential pieces of equipment that no diver should be without.

In this article, we'll go on to detail just a few of the most important accessories - highly recommended - for any type of deep dive.

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1 - Diving Fins

Fins are a simple yet vital accessory for diving. In fact, just the look of a set of fins on a divers’ feet truly epitomises the diving experience. Fins are available for all sorts of activities, from swimming, snorkelling to body surfing and - of course - free diving. The most important detail of any set of fins is the size of the blade. A large enough blade is essential for moving you and your gear through the water, but depending on the activity, smaller agile fins could be more appropriate. A good fitting set of fins can easily reduce how quickly you become fatigued while diving and allow for much faster movement through water and a more relaxed dive.

2 - Diving Torch

Diving torches are essential to any diver who is venturing into the deep. Light quickly stops penetrating the water at lower depths so a torch is essential to see exactly what’s ahead. We highly recommend a lighting solution with a rechargeable battery – allowing for longer usage times and neglecting the need for having to remember new disposable batteries; a more economical decision in the long run.

3 - Diving Mask

Masks easily allow for the fullest possible visibility – even in murky waters. A big part of enjoying the diving experience is being able to see, and admire, the gorgeous underwater scenery and wildlife. The most important aspect of choosing your mask is getting the perfect fit. A good fit ensures that – vitally – no water leaks into the mask causing, causing rapid loss of visibility, not to mention sore eyes. Masks come in a huge variety of sizes, fit types and colours so finding your perfect aide should be easy. Top tip: don’t forget to dive with a spare mask strap – this can quickly save a lost dive.

4 - Diving Cylinder

It really goes without saying, diving cylinders are nothing short of essential equipment for any diver. Cylinders are your main source of oxygen, when diving beyond the shallows, allowing you to explore for much longer - and much deeper - than would normally be possible. When considering which diving cylinder to go for, there are a few things to take into account. First and most importantly is the size of the cylinder. From 3ltr tanks to a whole 15ltrs you have a lot of choice. However, the option you choose depends heavily on the type of diving you’ll be doing. For instance, for short underwater excursions, a simple 3ltr tank should suffice; providing you with enough oxygen for your dive. If you’re looking to engage in a much longer dive, a 15ltr tank would likely provide a greater service for your needs.

5 - Diving Footwear

The term 'diving footwear' covers an array of accessories, from rugged and robust freestyle safety boots to wet boots. Safety boots offer your feet adequate protection and comfort at all times, with a hard shell and sole, to protect you from jagged rocks and other hard surfaces. These types of boots normally work well with most dry suits. Attached latex or neoprene socks allow easy connection and seal up the space between your boots and dry suit. On the other hand, wet boots - though less robust than safety boots - allow for much more freedom and maneuverability. These tend to pair better with wet suits, attaching easily and allowing for full foot and leg mobility.

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