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Check out our team's favourite sale selections

Posted 27/07/2018

- we’re even making a splash with staff

Out of all the items and product lines on sale, we've asked our team to tell us their favourites. We want you, our customers, to get an idea of some of our biggest and best bargains.

Remember our Summer Sale ends on Friday 3rd August at 11.59pm so don't miss out.

So what did the team say?

Jackie’s top-rated pick was our Drysox Waterproof Sock.

"Drysox are moisture-wicking, breathable and 100% waterproof socks. We’ve designed them with a tri-layer fabric for top performance. They're a great quality product at a great price. Unlike other waterproof socks I've tried, our Drysox feel like a pair of breathable, cotton socks. I find them comfortable and they really are 100% waterproof. They’re the hidden gem of this sale!"

What does Dan think? Varilux Rechargeable Cable Lamp.

"It's cool! Seriously though, it's a really useful lighting option for divers. It was already reasonably priced and now it's in the sale, it's a steal. With variable output and multiple attachment options, I think it's a great addition to any diver's kit."

Neil's favourite? The Divemaster Sport Drysuit.

"It’s actually one of my favourite drysuits that we offer. Sport divers and major commercial diving schools alike love it because it's comfortable, hard-wearing and allows a lot of flexibility. Plus you can get £10 off a Thermalux Undersuit when you buy it with the Divemaster Sport, unbelievable!"

Louise loves our Fish Puzzles.

“We sell small, medium or large ones. The small and medium options come in four different styles so there’s a load of variety. And in the large size you can choose a great white shark or a bottle-nosed dolphin in the large puzzle size. If you’re into Lego©, I think you’ll love them. They're fun to build. And once you've assembled them, they make a nice, eye-catching display. I've already bought so many!"

Cara's call-out pick? The 3mm Shark Steamer Wetsuit.

"This is a just a really great and affordable wetsuit. It’s perfect for warm water diving and surface watersports. I like the design; the shade of blue makes it a good unisex product and the graphics are really distinctive. It's been so popular I'm surprised we've still got stock in all sizes, but we won't for long!"

What's Lee's favourite? Our Mask & Snorkel Combi.

"I honestly think it’s a nice, budget-friendly option, available in blue or black. I'm a big fan of the Mask and Snorkel Combi for kids and teens. It’s the price of an entry level mask and snorkel, but with a real quality build and design."

Holly, what’s your top pick? The Northern Diver Pro Vision Mask with Go Pro Mount.

"It was really hard to choose, there’s so many great products! But the Go Pro Mount Mask is such an exciting product for dives. It means you can easily record your dives and stay hands free. It makes it a lot more feasible to use the Go Pro underwater and I love documenting dives, it brings back such great memories."

Craig’s cracking sales deal is the 80L Scuba Holdall.

"I think this holdall is cheaper and better quality than a sports equivalent you’d pick up on the high street – it was originally designed for military. So while it’s perfect for dives, I could see it being used as a gym or even for a weekend away – and it’s definitely hard to miss at the airport! As a Scuba Holdall, it’s a top choice – it’s got an extra pocket for fins, a separate end pocket and a big main pocket. It’s made from a really hard-wearing material called Cordura and has corrosion resistant zips.”

Jamie’s selection was the Flight Travel BCD.

"Lightweight and comfortable our Travel BCD is a great option for snorkelling and scuba diving holidays. Because it’s compact, it’s a perfect bit of travel dive kit."

What’s your favourite Paul? Hands down, the Universal Helmet Mount.

"We’ve got offers on purchases with helmets and torches. So you can get everything you need to light up your dives at a discount, even though the helmet mount is a pretty new product. I also like that we’re offering a range of torches to suit our customers preferences. And we’ve got different coloured helmets on offer too so you can choose the right fit for you."

Mel’s top mention? She really rates the Reel & Torch.

"We thrive on innovation at Northern Diver and I think the Reel & Torch is a great example of that. The 'top mounted' ultra-bright torch has a 19 hour burn time and we’ve depth tested it to 90m. Plus the torch has its own wrist lanyard and can be easily removed from the reel, so it can be used as a convenient backup torch."

Can't quite find what you're looking for? Browse our full range of Summer Sale.

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Our Northern Diver Summer Sale - top staff choices
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