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​NEW PRODUCT: Marlin Open Water Triathlon Wetsuit

Posted 07/02/2022

We are proud to announce our latest innovation, the Marlin Open Water Triathlon Wetsuit.

Ideal for triathlons and open water swimming, this pioneering wetsuit cuts through water with exceptional ease thanks to its diverse, hydrodynamic, Yamamoto #39 and #40, Super Composite Skin (SCS) construction. Every element of the suit has been strategically designed to ensure minimal resistance in the water and to achieve the perfect balance of flexibility, thermal insulation, and buoyancy.

It is available in both male and female sizes, ensuring the perfect fit to work effortlessly in conjunction with all body types, for unparalleled freedom of movement, comfort, and ultimately, performance.

Although predominately known for our vast range of divewear and diving equipment, we have also been designing and producing world-class wetsuits for over 45 years.

Testament to the quality and success of our products, the previous design of the Marlin Triathlon wetsuit was worn by top triathletes such as Faris Al Sultan (2005 Ford Ironman Kona World Champion), and Christof Wandratsch, who set the (then) world record for the fastest ever swim of the English Channel in 2005.

Neil Tordoff, Sales Director, states, “We are proud to have produced, and continue to produce, such high-calibre apparel. You can expect even more from our new Triathlon suit, the quality of its design and construction is unmatched. We are confident it will prove to be a vital and valued piece of kit for all open water swimmers.”

This is only the beginning of a brand-new open water swimming range that we are bringing to the market in the coming months. It will include other swimming essentials such as, swimming caps, float bags, goggles, gloves, changing robes, and much more…. So, watch this space!

Maximise your performance in the water and pre-order your Marlin Triathlon Wetsuit now - click here.

Find out more about the entire open water swimming range by visiting

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