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OUTLET Diving Gloves

Excellent diving gloves at reduced prices! Shop our range of sale diving gloves and find the perfect pair to suit your needs at unbeatable discounted prices. We have a number of different glove types and thicknesses available, suitable for diving and other watersports in a range of diverse conditions. At these prices they won’t be around for long – so don’t delay! Read More

This latest version features a slimmer design, making it lighter and less bulky The V4 Dry Glove Ring System is an incredible 33% smaller than earlier versions! dryglove-1 dryglove-2 dryglove-3 dryglove-4 dryglove-5 IMG_4942

OUTLET: V4 Dry Glove Ring System (M)

£69.00 inc VAT £89.00 inc VAT

Untitled-5 Untitled-7 Untitled-8

OUTLET: Marlin Gloves 2mm (L)

£10.00 inc VAT £28.00 inc VAT

ALW black kevlar-tek hard wearing dive glove in smaller size only Northern Divers glove size chart

OUTLET: Kevlar® Tek Gloves (XS)

£8.00 inc VAT £30.00 inc VAT

Neoprene STRETCH gloves available in 2mm and 5mm superstretch-7mm-001 2mm-neo-stretch-glove-small superstretch-7mm-002 northern-diver-heavy-duty-superstrech-gloves-01 northern_diver_superstretch_neoprene_01_1000x1000 Neoprene STRETCH gloves have an overprinted palm and finger tips for additional protection Northern Divers Glove Size Chart

OUTLET: Neoprene Stretch Gloves

£5.00 inc VAT £22.00 inc VAT