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An incredible website dedicated to offer the best reviews written by real divers to the diving community. The website is very well organised and finding what you want will not require an effort.

Visit Diver Advisor

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We met briefly this morning when myself and Mark (my procurements officer) were meeting Jackie to view the 2 piece flood suit you have. I would personally like to express our appreciation for the fantastic service we received from Jackie. She is clearly extremely knowledgable about your products and provided us with an excellent idea of what we need.

Mark and I were extremely impressed with the relaxed environment you have there which suits us both down to a T. Jackie will hear from myself in the next day or two to progress on to the next step of our procurement.

I would appreciate it if you would pass on my appreciation to Jackie for her help today.

York Rescue Boat

Oasis Diver logo

I wanted to thank you for the suits we received it all earlier and Jim has hit the road to the Diver's national school to deliver them this afternoon.

You did an excellent job in this with us, and that's great you put the names on each suit it is very nice of you!

Oasis Diver

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Attention of Louise. Thank you all for the work on my suit I am really impressed.I often moan about service but this is one of the rare occasion i cant find anything to moan about in fact the work carried out far exceeds my expectations. You have turned a bad ebay purchase into a great suit thank you.

Ian Darkins

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The Divemaster V12 is an awesome suit. It was put to the test in the cold waters of the Etowah Riv to the shore. It is a good fit and surprisingly comfortable. After a couple hours of use, sweat does accumulate inside. It does the job to keep the cold out. Overall a great suit.

Doug Klein Jr

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The DIVEMASTER has been the perfect suit for these students in every way. They are diving in a lake that can range from 43 - 60 degrees f and abuse their gear through 6 months of training. Of all the suits we have offered, we have not heard one complaint about the Divemaster in the last year we have offered it. That is an amazing feat!

Dive Commercial International, INC

Client logo 3

Thought I'ld write and let you know about the drysuit. The fit is great with enough room over the undersuit, which I can see will keep me toasty and warm even the hood doesn't appear to need much in the way of trimming. I can't thank you enough for all your help over the phone the package arrived about 15:40 in the end.

Mark Martin