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OUTLET Thermals

Check out our range of outlet undersuits and various other thermal diving garments. At unbeatable clearance prices, our range of undersuits and garments provide crucial thermal protection when diving, allowing divers to maintain body heat during and between dives. Read More


OUTLET: Bodycore Sub Zero Salopette Long...

£40.50 inc VAT £81.00 inc VAT

northern_diver_arctic_base_03_1000x1000 MEDIUM-SIZED-ARCTIC-BASE

OUTLET: Arctic Base Trousers (Medium)

£20.00 inc VAT £40.00 inc VAT

sub-zero-top,-bottom-and-socks-spares thermicore-sub-zero-undersuit-top-styles thermicore-sub-zero-undersuit-bottom-styles thermicore-sub-zero-undersuit-sock-styles Bodycore & Bodycore Sub Zero Size Chart

OUTLET: Thermicore Sub Zero Spares

From £5.00 inc VAT £10.00 inc VAT

METALUX-undersuits metalux-styles METALUX-undersuits-front-back-view Undersuits/Thermal Garments Size Chart | Northern Diver International

OUTLET: Metalux Undersuits

From £0.00 inc VAT £99.00 inc VAT