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OUTLET Sale Suits

Why is a suit in the OUTLET sale? Northern Diver OUTLET sale suits are a combination of ex-demonstration, ex-display, MTM (made to measure drysuit) orders no longer required or simply end of line suits to clear. A number of our suits have been used for testing and demo purposes; we try to recycle whenever possible and offer them at a reduced price for others to benefit from. Read More

divemaster-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-01 M Image[99] Image[2] Image[60] Image[20] Image[41] Image[24] Image[74] Image[1] Image[80]

OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial Med/Boot U...

£595.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

divemaster-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-01 M IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1301 Image[41] Image[74] Image[24] Image[1] IMG_1299 IMG_1300

OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial Medium/Boo...

£595.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

XL image00013 image00008 image00009 image00011 image00010 image00001 image00007 image00005 image00006 image00004 image00003 image00002

OUTLET: Origin Commercial Drysuit XL/Boo...

£497.00 inc VAT £992.00 inc VAT

Image[66] Image[34] Image[4] Image Image[56] Image[93] image00020 image00019 Image[53] Image[49] image00014

OUTLET: Divemaster Ladies MTM Height 5'5...

£449.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

divemaster-sport-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-01 XLR image00025 image00024 image00023 image00022 image00021 image00014 image00019 image00020 image00015 image00018 image00017 image00016

OUTLET: Divemaster Sport - XLR/Boot UK10

£449.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

A BDM metal zip secures the suit and is protected by a zip flap. M image00026 image00027 image00028 image00029 image00030 image00031 image00032 image00033 image00034 image00035

OUTLET: Arctic Survivor Medium/Boot UK8

£449.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT

Manufactured from a supple 4mm compressed polymix neoprene ladies-xlr image00001 image00002 image00003 image00005 image00006 image00007 image00008 image00009 image00010 image00011

OUTLET: Voyager Ladies Drysuit XLR/Boot...

£400.00 inc VAT £620.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Divemaster Ladies - (Height 5'3...

£399.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

Z2409-DiveWise-01 S Z2409-DiveWise-02 Z2409-DiveWise-03 Z2409-DiveWise-04 Z2409-DiveWise-05 Z2409-DiveWise-06 Z2409-DiveWise-07 Z2409-DiveWise-08 Z2409-DiveWise-09 Z2409-DiveWise-10 Z2409-DiveWise-11 Z2409-DiveWise-12 Z2409-DiveWise-13 Z2409-DiveWise-14 Z2409-DiveWise-15 Z2409-DiveWise-16

OUTLET: DiveWise Neoprene Drysuit S/Boot...

£398.00 inc VAT £699.00 inc VAT

Z-1615-01 Z1616-02

OUTLET: Bib Entry Camo Surface Suit

£395.00 inc VAT £700.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Black Surface/Boating Suit Large...

£350.00 inc VAT £999.00 inc VAT