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General FAQ's

Yes, this is possible, the direct phone numbers are:-

Accounts +44 (0)1257 256932
Despatch +44 (0)1257 256946
Repairs +44 (0)1257 256937
Sales - Online +44 (0)1257 256944
Sales - Retail +44 (0)1257 254444
Sales - Trade +44 (0)1257 256942
Sales - Fire & Rescue +44 (0)1257 256934
Sales - Commercial +44 (0)1257 256949
Sales - Military +44 (0)1257 256935
Sales - Export +44 (0)1257 256936


Yes, we service most manufacturers regulators - Northern Diver, Apeks, Mares, Poseidon, Scubapro etc.

If you need further advice, please call one of our sales team (01257) 254444, as some regulators may not be serviceable (due to their age or the availability of parts for that particular model). The cost would depend on the regulator model and exactly what parts are required but the price is usually around £80 for a full ‘stage 3’ service, which includes the regulator first stage, primary second stage and octopus second stage. All or any attached hoses, gauges etc. would also be inspected (for serviceability) but they are not disassembled and/or serviced, as part of the stage 3 service.

We also offer visual and hydrostatic cylinder servicing. Visual - £35 Hydrostatic - £45.

All regulator and cylinder servicing generally takes 7-10 days, depending on the current workshop commitments and the availability of specific servicing parts.


    Our Metalux Arctic and Temperate undersuits (as with our Thermicore and Thermalux undersuit) have been specifically designed to be machine washable.

    The guide for this is to select a cool wash and it is advised not to add any fabric conditioner (or other additives), just standard washing detergent.

    The only other guide is that the undersuit must be allowed to dry naturally not tumble (machine) dried and once fully dry, the undersuit can be hung on a garment hanger or simply stored in a dry environment, away from direct sunlight or any other heat sources.

The style that is best for you fully depends on what sort of diving you will do and where. Both have distinct advantages but generally speaking, it comes down to personal choice.

  • Membrane drysuits are usually lightweight, consisting of three material layers which are laminated together and this drysuit material is very quick drying. However, the membrane material does not provide much thermal insulation and therefore, a thicker thermal undersuit would be required. The looser fit of the membrane suit means that they are very easy to put on and take off, offering increased overall comfort but the membrane drysuit material does not stretch and as such, the drysuit will not be as flexible as a neoprene style suit. A neoprene drysuit offers additional thermal protection, usually requiring a much thinner or lighter weight undersuit and the material moves with the diver (allowing a closer fit, without significant restriction) but the neoprene material is not physically as hard wearing as membrane drysuit material.
  • Neoprene drysuits are probably the most commonly worn drysuits. Chosen by the majority of diving schools and dive centres, due to their flexibility additional thermal properties. In addition, most of our neoprene drysuit models are manufactured from a ‘hyper compressed’ neoprene material, to help reduce buoyancy issues and keep drysuit depth compression to an absolute minimum.

Spare Parts

Yes there are two types the male part which is clamped to the main cylinder which is the smallest part of the two pieces and the female part which attaches to your pony bottle.

They are £5 per pair and can be ordered directly from the website.
Yes replacement pockets are available and cost £20 a pair and be purchased directly from our website.
Yes replacement pockets are available and cost £20 a pair and be purchased directly from our website. However there are two styles so please ensure you order the correct type.