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Wetsuits & Semi Dry Suits

We stock a wide variety of wet and semi-dry suits, perfect for diving, swimming and many other water sports, with an option suitable for every condition and scenario. Our range includes wetsuits specifically cut for women and men, ensuring a perfect and flattering fit. How does a wetsuit work? Will it keep me warm?  A wetsuit is a garment, usually made of foamed or compressed neoprene, wh... Read More


delta-flex-wetsuit-04 ladies-medium

OUTLET: 6.5mm Delta Flex Shortie Wetsuit...

£45.00 inc VAT £242.00 inc VAT

Z2237-1 Z2237-2 Z2237-3

OUTLET: 4mm NDiver 2Piece Wetsuit

£40.00 inc VAT £185.00 inc VAT

3mm X-Fire Steamer Wetsuit | Northern Diver UK | Water Sports Wetsuits for Sale mens-lt

OUTLET: 3mm X-Fire Steamer Wetsuit (LT)

£36.00 inc VAT £56.00 inc VAT

Z2372-1 mens-xl Z2372-2 Z2372-3 Z2372-4 Z2372-5

OUTLET: 4mm Rear Entry Wetsuit (XL)

£35.00 inc VAT £99.00 inc VAT

shark-shortie-wetsuit-05 3mm Storm Steamer Long Wetsuit | Northern Diver UK | Snorkelling and Diving Wetsuits For Sale

3mm Shark Steamer Wetsuit - Large Only

£29.00 inc VAT £49.00 inc VAT

wetboot-2022version-01 wetboot-2022version-03 Side view neoprene wet boot Black view neoprene water sport wet boot Fitted with YKK zip and neoprene gusset to protect from water ingress Front view shows rubber protection Alterations on wetboots for a wider fit wetboot-2022version-02 Northern Diver Wetboot Size Chart

5mm Delta Neoprene Wet Boots

£25.08 inc VAT £29.50 inc VAT


OUTLET: 3mm Wild Water Global Shortie We...

£20.00 inc VAT £27.00 inc VAT

Black Neoprene Wet Boots

£18.28 inc VAT £21.50 inc VAT

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3

OUTLET: Storm Shortie -ML

£15.00 inc VAT £40.00 inc VAT

Kids Watersports Wet Boots

£10.00 inc VAT £18.00 inc VAT

Multi Purpose Hanger

£8.93 inc VAT £10.50 inc VAT