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Inflatable Equipment For Water Sports & Commercial Use

We stock a wide range of inflatable equipment and accessories for both recreational and commercial use. Our products include our ever-popular inflatable stand up paddle boards, a variety of boats and rafts, plus much more.

We can also personalise and customise your inflatable equipment as you wish. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements and find out more! 

Inflatable on-water equipment by Northern Diver

Boats & Catamarans

Inflatable tenders that can be easily transported to any location. We offer great performance at any level from summer fun to professional water rescue. Our crafts can handle anything... view the range >>

Inflatable paddle boards supplied by Northern Diver

iSUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

SUPs used for a variety of applications and our boards are designed to support an all-round use approach. All our boards have three surfboard-style fins in the stern for tracking.... view our iSUPs >>

Inflatable Rafts and Kayaks by Northern Diver

Rafts & Kayaks

We manufacture a range of water rafts and kayaks that are used in both adventure activities and commercial water rescue scenarios. They are built for any on-water situation... view the range >>

Watersports wear supplied by Northern Diver

Watersports Apparel

Browse our selection of water sports clothing. We stock a range of sailing and surface boating suits, life jackets, in-water protective boots and gloves to keep you comfortable on the water... view more >>

Suzuki petrol outboard motors

Suzuki Petrol Outboards

We offer a range of powerful Suzuki & Parsun, reliable and fuel-efficient boat engines. Every engine across the range is specifically designed for marine use... view outboards >>

Electric Outboard Motors

Electric Outboard Motors

Adjustable and easily portable electronic motors, producing speeds up to 10 km/h. suitable for smaller boats or as a backup. Durable, reliable and more power for your money... read more >>

Inflatable Accessories

Inflatable Accessories

Bunk style trailers, quick-inflation pumps, oars, traction pads and maintenance kits are available. We have also developed the Saturn rapid inflation system... shop accessories >>

Custom logos on inflatables

Customise Inflatables

Our in-house designed team are experienced in branding your infltable boats, rafts, sleds, kayaks, boards and more. Need your team crest or another logo applying? Get in touch!... read more >>

Credits: Shoreham On Sea, Staffordshire Fire & Rescue and North Cumbria Rescue Response.