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Welcome to Northern Divers sale section. Here you will find CLEARANCE items, on sale products and OUTLET suits and equipment. Use the category menu shown to search through particular suit or equipment sections and contact us if you are looking for anything specific. 

Inflatable Catamaran 3.3m (10’8)

£830.00 inc VAT £1,042.00 inc VAT

3.6M Wren Apache Inflatable Boat With Al...

£715.00 inc VAT £766.00 inc VAT

Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-01 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-07 IMG_3577 IMG_3571 IMG_3575 IMG_3576 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-02 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-06 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-05 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-03 Horseshoe-U-Zip-Neoprene-Drysuit-04 M MR MLT L

OUTLET: 4mm Neoprene U-Zip Military Grad...

From £650.00 inc VAT £1,500.00 inc VAT

northern-diver-membrane-drysuits-cortex-red-edition-drysuit-20 Z2224-1 Z2224-2 Z2224-3 Z2224-4 Z2224-5 Z2224-6 Z2224-7

OUTLET: Cortex IX MTM/Boot UK9

£575.00 inc VAT £945.00 inc VAT

Origin Drysuit | Commercial Neoprene Diving Drysuit for Sale | Northern Diver International ML Z1901-1 Z1901-2 Z1901-3 Z1901-4 Z1901-5 Z1901-6 Z1901-7

OUTLET: Origin - ML/Boot UK6

£549.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Black Surface/Boating Suit Large...

£499.00 inc VAT £999.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: RE Membrane Drysuit MTM (Height...

£499.00 inc VAT £895.00 inc VAT

Inflatable Kayak 3.9m (12'8)

£450.00 inc VAT £950.00 inc VAT

Z2274-1 L trilaminate-divers-drysuit_02 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_03 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_04 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_05 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_06 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_07

OUTLET: BIB Entry Dive Drysuit Large/Boo...

£449.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT

Z1644-5 XLT Z1644 latex-neck-neo-warmer Z1644-3 latex-cuff-adjustable-cover Z1644-1 ykk-fly-zip Z1644-2 Z1644-4 tri-lam-socks-anti-slip-print

OUTLET: Heavy Duty Surface Suit XLT/Sock...

£449.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT