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Sale Items

Welcome to Northern Divers sale section. Here you will find CLEARANCE items, on sale products and OUTLET suits and equipment. Use the category menu shown to search through particular suit or equipment sections and contact us if you are looking for anything specific. 

Inflatable Catamaran 3.3m (10’8)

£765.00 inc VAT £1,042.00 inc VAT

winter-paddle-boarding-with-the-cruiser-LX cruiser-sup-front-back-side-views 2-man-on-the-cruiser-LX cruiser-paddle-board-accessories cruiser-lx-isup easy-to-transport-isup paddle-boarding-with-the-cruiser-LX

Cruiser LX 14'0" Inflatable Stand up Pa...

£670.00 inc VAT £730.00 inc VAT

divemaster-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-01 M Image[99] Image[2] Image[60] Image[20] Image[41] Image[24] Image[74] Image[1] Image[80]

OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial Med/Boot U...

£595.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

divemaster-commercial-drysuit-neoprene-drysuits-northern-diver-01 M IMG_1295 IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1298 IMG_1301 Image[41] Image[74] Image[24] Image[1] IMG_1299 IMG_1300

OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial Medium/Boo...

£595.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

XL image00013 image00008 image00009 image00011 image00010 image00001 image00007 image00005 image00006 image00004 image00003 image00002

OUTLET: Origin Commercial Drysuit XL/Boo...

£497.00 inc VAT £992.00 inc VAT

Inflatable Kayak 3.9m (12'8)

£495.00 inc VAT £950.00 inc VAT

AQ ISUP 15'348_Viking

Viking 15'0" Inflatable Stand up Paddleb...

£465.00 inc VAT £505.00 inc VAT

A BDM metal zip secures the suit and is protected by a zip flap. M image00026 image00027 image00028 image00029 image00030 image00031 image00032 image00033 image00034 image00035

OUTLET: Arctic Survivor Medium/Boot UK8

£449.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT

Image[66] Image[34] Image[4] Image Image[56] Image[93] image00020 image00019 Image[53] Image[49] image00014

OUTLET: Divemaster Ladies MTM Height 5'5...

£449.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT