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We manufacture and stock virtually any bag or case a diver may need.Our range includes Voyager travel bags, R.A.I.D waterproof protective cases, dry bags, holdalls and rucksacks, all of which come in an abundance of shapes and sizes, with plenty of useful features included too. Read More

SABA-bag-01 SABA-bag-02 SABA-bag-03 SABA-bag-04 SABA-bag-05 SABA-bag-06 SABA-bag-07 SABA-bag-08 SABA-bag-09

160L Kit Storage Bag

£75.00 inc VAT £150.00 inc VAT

pro-safe-bag-11 pro-safe-bag-09 pro-safe-bag-0 pro-safe-bag-07 pro-safe-bag-03 pro-safe-bag-08 pro-safe-bag-04 pro-safe-bag-05 pro-safe-bag-06 pro-safe-bag-10 pro-safe-bag-12 pro-safe-bag-02

144L Pro-Safe Holdall Kit Bag

£75.00 inc VAT £107.00 inc VAT


3L Utility Dry Bag

£74.00 inc VAT

17.9L R.A.I.D. Case

17.9L R.A.I.D. Case

£61.00 inc VAT

20230301_134548 20230301_133346 20230301_133243 20230301_133529 20230301_133611 20230301_133737 20230301_133225

31L R.A.I.D. Case

£60.00 inc VAT

15L R.A.I.D. Case

15L R.A.I.D. Case

£54.00 inc VAT

Z2384-01 Z2384-02 Z2384-03 Z2384-04 Z2384-05

OUTLET: 6.5L Utility Bag

£49.00 inc VAT £100.00 inc VAT

Aquapac 229 VHF Pro

£45.00 inc VAT