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Scuba Diving & Water Sports Equipment

We take great pride in producing our own innovative range of scuba diving equipment and accessories, as well as stocking products from other highly reputable brands in the diving industry. 

Our wide range of equipment has got you covered for all your diving and water sports needs, from underwater lighting and dive knives, to snorkelling sets and kids diving equipment, we've got the right product for you.

If you would like expert advice or further information about any of our products, please get in touch and a member of our experienced team will be able to advise you further.

Northern divers range of underwater torches

Underwater Lighting & Spares

We have a range of underwater torches to suit any diving scenario! Our dive lights are specifically designed for scuba diving with water tight seals and go beyond the... view torches >>

northern divers range of underwater knives and tools

Dive Knives & Tools

Knives are a useful accessory to have at hand whilst diving. Depending on the type of dive you enjoy part taking in, you may use a knife for escaping snags or recovering objects from the depths... view range >>

faber dive cylinders and tank accessories

Cylinders & Tank Accessories

We stock only the best Faber Cylinders and these are available in everything from 3 litre up to 15 litre. Handles, boots and pony systems are just some of the accessories also available... view cylinders >>

diver weight systems

Weight Systems

Carrying the right amount of weight to prevent yourself from being too buoyant is very important whilst diving. Getting the right weight is key to any successful dive as... view more >>

Northern Divers water buoys, underwater reels and scuba dive accessories

Buoys, Reels & Accessories

Whether you need a high visibility scuba diving surface marker buoy or a divers reel we have every underwater accessory you could you need ready for your next adventure under the sea... shop now >>

northern divers watersports helmets

Helmets & Head Gear

Full cut helmets that offer the best protection when in our on the water. Perfect for Scuba Dving, Wakeboarding, Kayak, Kitesurf and any other water sports you can think of... view helmets >>

Northern Divers Underwater Scooter Range

Underwater Scooters

Sea scooters, also known as diver propulsion vehicles, are devices that can pull a scuba diver. Originally designed for the military these scooters make for the ultimate fun... view more >>

Northern Divers range of scuba regulators, wrist gauges and consoles

Regs, Gauges & Wrist Wear

Take a look at our very own scuba diver regulator range! Or are you looking for a console, or wrist-mount or wristwatch-style computer? We have something for everyone ... shop now >>

Diver masks, underwater snorkels and perfect fins for all your diving needs.

Masks, Snorkels & Fins

We stock a vast range of full face masks, half face masks, snorkels and scuba diver fins for any underwater activity, so dive right in get kitted up ready for your next adventure... view more >>

Buoyancy control devices by Northern Diver


BCDs or Buoyancy Control Devices are essential for any dive. They help you to initially sink, and they also bring you back to the surface at the end of your dive. We have the style for you whether your UK diving or travelling... view more >>

Coltri compressors supplied by Northern Diver International

Coltri Compressors & Spares

We can offer a range of Coltri Filling Stations, Coltri Portable Compressors and Colti Consumables to keep them working in tip top condition! View our range and contact our experienced team with any questions ... view Coltri >>

Underwater communication equipment supplied by Northern Diver

Underwater Communications

Diver communications are the methods used by divers to communicate with each other or with surface members of the dive team. We have diver communications to suit both sport divers and professional divers... view comms >>

Kids scuba dive and watersports gear

Kids Dive Equipment

Water sports or diving equipment for children is sometimes difficult to find, Northern Diver have a range specifically designed for the 'little' diver and it can all be found here.... view more >>

Northern Diver Merchandise

We have a range of Norther Diver merchandise available, all of which make excellent gifts for the diver in your life or a treat for yourself! Our merchandise includes... view more >>

Credits: Jeff Goodman, @iksac_scuba and @johnyoungphotographer