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ND Partners

We work with companies from around the world to bring you the best diving gear we can. Northern Diver are proud to work with and supply a variety of top quality equipment from other diving companies across the world. As a company that ships products to customers across the globe, we're well placed to distribute equipment by companies we believe in. The partnerships we foster are with exceptional... Read More

Aquapac 248 Large Classic

£27.54 inc VAT £28.99 inc VAT

Aquapac 228 Small Classic

£26.60 inc VAT £28.00 inc VAT

Aquapac 210 Walkie-Talkie

£22.79 inc VAT £23.99 inc VAT

Aquapac 214 ‘Stormproof’ Waterproof VHF...

£19.00 inc VAT £19.99 inc VAT