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Rescue Team Demo at Alton Towers

Posted 11/01/2021

Last week our Specialist Rescue Equipment team took a trip to Alton Towers, but rather than riding The Smiler or racing on Rita, they had the pleasure of meeting the park’s Swift Water Rescue team and Working at Height team to demo a range of our specialist rescue equipment.

It goes without saying that safety is paramount at theme parks like Alton Towers, and our SRE team were only too happy to break the ice (literally!) and provide detailed demonstrations of how our equipment can help keep visitors safe.

By liaising closely with Alton Towers staff, and likewise with all other prospective clients, our SRE team are able to provide specialist advice, recommendations and demonstrations, to showcase how our equipment can effectively meet their specific needs.

If you’ve got a water rescue project and would like more information about our equipment or a demonstration, speak to our team today.


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