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Stocking Fillers

'Tis the season to treat your diving buddies to some Northern Diver goodies - so get those stockings filled! From gloves and socks to a shiny new dive torch, grab yourself a cracker of a stocking filler from our range of suitably sized products. Yule be sure to delight the diver in your life with these tree-mendous gifts.  Or why not treat your(s)elf? Whether you've been naughty or nice, we... Read More

This latest version features a slimmer design, making it lighter and less bulky The V4 Dry Glove Ring System is an incredible 33% smaller than earlier versions! @northeastdive showing the Dry Glove Ring System The system has been designed for use with neoprene or membrane drysuits that have either latex OR neoprene wrist seals. The V4 Dry Glove Ring System is lighter in weight, less bulky, streamlined and more comfortable than the previous V3 model. Stay warm when diving in cooler climates for longer. Once fitted to the drysuit, the twin-safe locking ring mechanism gives simple, secure glove engagement. Northern Divers repairs and alteration service can fit the glove ring system to your drysuit. Revolutionary twin-safe locking ring mechanism Included in the Dry Glove System package are the pair of Ansell Extra™ gloves, thermal fleece inner gloves, two dry glove modules, three sealing rings, a locking tool and an adhesive sealant*

V4 Dry Glove Ring System

£88.20 inc VAT £98.00 inc VAT

Dry your gear in mere hours with the HangAir! High power waterproof fan pushes 120 cubic feet of air per minute to dry your suit in record time. Capable of supporting up to 100lbs, the HangAir also effectively reduces the development of odours by completely drying and ventilating your gear With its high-power built-in fan, this new innovative system means waiting days for your gear to dry is now a thing of the past.

HangAir Hanger

£78.50 inc VAT

Mini Quest 230 Lumen LED Dive Torch

£30.60 inc VAT £36.00 inc VAT

3.7V Portable Power Bank Charger Used with our Electracore heated vest Double USB ports enables you to charge 2 devices at once White USB charging cable with a length of 290mm included Portable power bank charger Suitable for charging mobile phones, MP3/MP4, bluetooth, digital camera, diving torches and so on 3.7V Portable Power Bank Charger: back view

Portable Power Bank Charger

£25.50 inc VAT £30.00 inc VAT

Drysox Waterproof Socks

£25.20 inc VAT £28.00 inc VAT

Reel & Torch

£25.00 inc VAT £36.00 inc VAT

Optimum 3D Zipped Gloves (3mm, 5mm)

From £24.30 inc VAT £27.00 inc VAT