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The Mike Armitage collection of standard diving equipment & associated oddities is now for sale.

The list will take some time to formulate, so if there is anything in particular you are looking for email as much information to Shipping worldwide can be arranged through various carriers: DHL, UPS or Palette-line for heavier objects. There are no returns so make sure what you are buying is correct. Any statements about provenance are given in good faith.

Nippon Sensu Brass & Copper Helmet with Corselet 

Completely untouched, with superb patination but could be polished to make a superb display piece. 

The helmet is difficult to date, but looks to be pre-1939. It looks to have been dived within the last 10 years as the comms microphone is still inside its protective cover. It is also interesting as the air vents inside the helmet have been modified at some earlier date. 


Siebe Gorman 6 Bolt Admiralty Pattern 1930's

A good example of the marque. Complete with miniature microphone, call button, telephone nut and front brass weight hangers.  

Matching numbers 18145 on bonnet and corselet, (No brass brails.) 


Siebe Gorman Two Diver Twin Cylinder Double Acting Pump

Admiralty pattern. Brass mounted mahogany case. Complete with eccentric crank, double brass covered pressure gauges, air outlet, water inlet and outlet located at the back, fitted tool shelf, tools, diver selection lever, con rod bearings, cast lifting rings and guards to ends of the crankshaft. Excellent condition.


Desco Diving Boots

Brass sole sand shoes with brass toe cap and reinforced heel. Appears to be unused.