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Diving Equipment

Our years of experience in diving equipment allows us to offer expert advice on our whole range of products, allowing you to choose the best piece of equipment for your needs. You can explore our full range of diving equipment below! We have a plethora of different equipment that can cater to all kinds of diving enthusiasts. Many of our suits are perfect for scuba diving or if you are looking for... Read More

northern_diver_m413_mask_01_1000x1000 northern_diver_m413_mask_05_1000x1000 northern_diver_m413_mask_02_1000x1000

4 Window Mask (413)

From £9.50 inc VAT £29.00 inc VAT

Clear M23 Mask

£9.50 inc VAT £16.00 inc VAT

Diver-below-buoy-01 Diver-below-buoy-05 Diver-below-buoy-02 Diver-below-buoy-03 Diver-below-buoy-04

OUTLET: Surface Marker Buoy & Diver Belo...

£9.00 inc VAT £25.00 inc VAT

coda-fin-strap-only-01 coda-fin-strap-only-02 coda-fin-strap-only-03

Fin Straps (Rubber)

£8.80 inc VAT

Deep Vision Mask

£8.00 inc VAT £17.00 inc VAT