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cortex-red-edition-XqJK XLR Z2223-1 Z2223-2 Z2223-3 Z2223-4 Z2223-5 Z2223-6 Z2223-7 Z2223-8

OUTLET: RE Cortex Red XLR/Neo Sock

£575.00 inc VAT £945.00 inc VAT

M Z2346-01 Z2346-02 Z2346-03 Z2346-04 Z2346-05 Z2346-06 Z2346-07 Z2346-08


£445.00 inc VAT £795.00 inc VAT

LR Z2356-01 Z2356-02 Z2356-03 Z2356-04 Z2356-05 Z2356-06 Z2356-07


£445.00 inc VAT £795.00 inc VAT

LR Z2355-1 Z2355-2 Z2355-3 Z2355-4 Z2355-5 Z2355-6


£445.00 inc VAT £795.00 inc VAT

Origin Drysuit | Commercial Neoprene Diving Drysuit for Sale | Northern Diver International ML Z1901-1 Z1901-2 Z1901-3 Z1901-4 Z1901-5 Z1901-6 Z1901-7

OUTLET: Origin - ML/Boot UK6

£399.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Divemaster Ladies - (Height 5'3...

£399.00 inc VAT £685.00 inc VAT

northern-diver-membrane-drysuits-cortex-red-edition-drysuit-20 Z2224-1 Z2224-2 Z2224-3 Z2224-4 Z2224-5 Z2224-6 Z2224-7

OUTLET: Cortex IX MTM/Boot UK9

£399.00 inc VAT £945.00 inc VAT

The drysuit is completely Non-Magnetic and used against ordinance for search and detonation tasks S This drysuit design has been provided to the Royal Navy over the years The suit is used operationally in both deep and shallow water The suit is fitted with a Non magnetic heavy duty 6 pitch BDM suit zip and fly zip 4m neoprene with triple glued and blind stitched seams We can design and manufacture non-magnetic neoprene or tri-laminate drysuits to your required specification Our specialist MCM Dive Teams have used this suit for the past 14 years

OUTLET: Divemaster Small/Boot UK8

£399.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

Z-1615-01 Z1616-02

OUTLET: Bib Entry Camo Surface Suit

£395.00 inc VAT £700.00 inc VAT