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Diving Equipment Sale | Page 1

Varilux U-XHP70 4000 Lumen Rechargeable...

£370.00 inc VAT £441.00 inc VAT

cosmos-plus-set-complete cosmos-plus-set cosmos-plus-DIN

OUTLET: Cosmos Plus Regulator Sets

£200.00 inc VAT £400.00 inc VAT

bcd_guardian_flight15_01-NEW Z-2107-01 Z-2107-04 Z-2107-02 Z-2107-03 Z-2107-05

OUTLET: Flight Travel BCD (L)

£199.00 inc VAT £320.00 inc VAT

Z-1922-02 Z-1922-07 Z-1922-03 Z-1922-04 Z-1922-05 Z-1922-06

OUTLET: All Black BCD (L)

£199.00 inc VAT £320.00 inc VAT

Guardian Junior BCD

£195.00 inc VAT £220.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Regulator Sets (Primary, Octo &...

£190.00 inc VAT £380.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: DiveRite Aluminium Backplate

£139.00 inc VAT £165.00 inc VAT

side-mount-bcd-front-and-back-view side-mount-bcd-back-view side-mount-bcd-inside-view side-mount-bcd-01 side-mount-bcd-02 side-mount-bcd-03

42LB Side Mount

£100.00 inc VAT £225.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Stainless Steel Diver Backplate

£99.00 inc VAT £125.00 inc VAT

Z-2245-01 Z-2245-02 Z-2245-03

OUTLET: Bail Out Gauges (0-400bar)

£40.00 inc VAT £59.00 inc VAT

Z-1363-01 Z-1363-02 Z-1363-03 Z-1363-04 Z-1363-05 Z-1363-06 Z-1363-07

OUTLET: Yellow Scorpion Helmet With Logo...

£29.00 inc VAT £57.00 inc VAT

Z-1362-01 Z-1362-07 Z-1362-02 Z-1362-03 Z-1362-04 Z-1362-05 Z-1362-06

OUTLET: Camo Helmet

£29.00 inc VAT £57.00 inc VAT