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Diving Equipment Sale

pt-cp-01_1 pt-cp-01_2 pt-cp-01_3 pt-cp-01_4 pt-cp-01_5 pt-cp-01_10

Pegasus Thruster

£2,600.00 inc VAT £3,100.00 inc VAT


Guardian BCD

£350.00 inc VAT £390.00 inc VAT

Flight Travel BCD

£275.00 inc VAT £330.00 inc VAT


Eve Ladies BCD

£250.00 inc VAT £390.00 inc VAT

Guardian Junior BCD

£230.00 inc VAT £255.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: DiveRite Aluminium Backplate

£139.00 inc VAT £165.00 inc VAT

IMG_6774 IMG_6777 varilux-ld-max-dive-torch-10 IMG_6773 IMG_6778 IMG_6781

Varilux LD Max 2600 Lumen Rechargeable D...

£129.00 inc VAT £147.00 inc VAT


OUTLET: ND Tritium T25 Waterproof Watch...

£100.00 inc VAT £199.00 inc VAT

Northern Divers depth gauge is 0-450bar The temperature ranges from -10 degrees c to 50degrees c Provided with a hose length of 81cm Max W.P 350 bar (5070psi) Pressure tested to EN250

OUTLET: Depth & Contents Gauge

£55.00 inc VAT £74.00 inc VAT


3mm Kids Storm X-Fire 1Pc Wetsuit

£49.00 inc VAT £33.50 inc VAT

Weight & Trim Harness V2 - front & back view Weight & Trim Harness V2 - back view on mannequin

Weight & Trim Diving Harness v2

£45.00 inc VAT £61.00 inc VAT

Coda Dual Fins (M & XL)

£42.00 inc VAT £137.00 inc VAT


OUTLET: Coda Dual Fins (XL)

£42.00 inc VAT £137.00 inc VAT

Untitled-24 Untitled-25 Untitled-26 Untitled-27 Untitled-28

OUTLET: Waders (Large)

£30.00 inc VAT £70.00 inc VAT

Z-1362-01 Z-1362-07 Z-1362-02 Z-1362-03 Z-1362-04 Z-1362-05 Z-1362-06

OUTLET: Camo Helmet

£29.00 inc VAT £57.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Watersports Helmet

£20.00 inc VAT £40.00 inc VAT

northern_diver_m413_mask_01_1000x1000 northern_diver_m413_mask_05_1000x1000 northern_diver_m413_mask_02_1000x1000

4 Window Mask (413)

From £20.00 inc VAT £29.00 inc VAT

Ankle-weights_3_1 Ankle-weights2_2_1

OUTLET: Small Ankle Weights

£10.00 inc VAT £28.00 inc VAT

Diver-below-buoy-01 Diver-below-buoy-05 Diver-below-buoy-02 Diver-below-buoy-03 Diver-below-buoy-04

OUTLET: Surface Marker Buoy & Diver Belo...

£9.00 inc VAT £25.00 inc VAT

2.0mm Superstretch Hood (L) Z-1741-02 Z-1741-03

OUTLET: 2mm Diving Hoods

£5.00 inc VAT £22.00 inc VAT

Medium Fish Puzzle

£3.00 inc VAT £10.00 inc VAT