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OUTLET: Origin - ML/Boot UK10

£699.00 inc VAT £760.00 inc VAT

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OUTLET: Origin - M/Boot UK8

£699.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

The Origin drysuit is the developed version of Northern Diver’s original neoprene drysuit. The suit is incredibly popular with experienced divers around the world and remains a preferred choice of commercial divers. This drysuit is ideal for advanced non-commercial divers who regularly plan dives with little physical movement. The Origin drysuit is manufactured from 6.5mm neoprene. Additional elbow, shoulder and knee protection ensures the suit will withstand years of action. This drysuit’s sizes are a wider fit than our standard drysuit sizes. This drysuit has been tailored to suit a customers needs and has an additional BDM metal fly zip. Any combination of Northern Diver undersuit can be worn with this drysuit. The Origin Drysuit is available off-the-peg with durable hard sole boots or steel toe and mid-sole foil safety boots.

OUTLET: Origin Drysuit - ML/UK9

£699.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Rear Entry Membrane Suit MTM/UK...

£699.00 inc VAT £995.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial - MTM/Boot...

£649.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

The Divemaster Commercial drysuit is a popular choice with commercial divers across the world. Manufactured from a specially formulated 5.5mm hyper-compressed neoprene. This drysuit gives the wearer a comfortable environment when diving and can be pitted against the harshest of diving scenarios. The Divemaster Commercial is available as a perfectly fitting made-to-measure suit and standard off-the-shelf sizes. Divemaster allows freedom of movement and real diving flexibility, as well as being exceptionally hard-wearing. The durability is increased by the heavy-duty piqué nylon outer shell. The Divemaster Commercial can be used in conjunction with any Northern Diver undersuit in our range. With a host of premium features as standard, this drysuit really is a leader in reliability.

OUTLET: Divemaster Commercial - ML/ Boot...

£649.00 inc VAT £720.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Origin - Medium/Boot 7 (Hood Att...

£589.00 inc VAT £760.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Rear Entry Navy/Blk Suit MTM/UK...

£549.00 inc VAT £995.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Brandweer Cortex MTM/Boot UK 11

£499.00 inc VAT £900.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Arctic Survivor Large/Boot UK 10...

£499.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Large Black Surface/Boating Suit

£499.00 inc VAT £999.00 inc VAT

HID Drysuit | Tri-Laminate Drysuit for Diving | Northern Diver International Our well known HID drysuit is ultra hard-wearing


£499.00 inc VAT £795.00 inc VAT