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Watersports Apparel Sale

 Freestyle Safety Boots V2 Side view Oxfordshire-fire-service in our water safety boots In water rescue boots inside view  In water rescue boots front view   In water rescue boots back view  Non slip sole on the freestyle water rescue safety boots Warwickshire-Fire-&-Rescue-Service  Can be used with rescue suits that have latex socks  V2 freestyle safety boots for water rescue teams  V2 freestyle safety boots footwear size chart Freestyle water rescue boots

Freestyle Safety Boots V2

£89.30 inc VAT £94.00 inc VAT

PRO-Safe Boots

£75.00 inc VAT £101.00 inc VAT

Our Rock Swim Boots are designed to be used with most models of drysuit These boots are designed to expel water post-dive Suitable for use in/out of water Multi-point velcro securing straps and ankle strap Rugged hi-grip heavy-duty outer sole Offers the user excellent grip on boats and boarding ladders Oil and chemical resistant Cladding protection on heel, toe & sides Drainage points on both sides of the boot Ideal for all types of terrains

Rock Swim Boots

£64.60 inc VAT £68.00 inc VAT

wetboot-2022version-01 wetboot-2022version-03 Side view neoprene wet boot Black view neoprene water sport wet boot Fitted with YKK zip and neoprene gusset to protect from water ingress Front view shows rubber protection Alterations on wetboots for a wider fit wetboot-2022version-02 Northern Diver Wetboot Size Chart

5mm Delta Neoprene Wet Boots

£25.08 inc VAT £29.50 inc VAT

4mm Stormforce Gloves

£18.00 inc VAT £20.00 inc VAT

Glove Size Chart

5mm Neoprene Gloves

£15.30 inc VAT £17.00 inc VAT

Optimum Gloves 3mm & 5mm black, 3mm red Optimum gloves, black version pictured Glove Size Chart

Optimum Gloves (3mm, 5mm)

From £15.30 inc VAT £17.00 inc VAT

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-4 Untitled-5

3mm Neoprene Gloves

£11.70 inc VAT £13.00 inc VAT