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Sale Items

Welcome to Northern Divers sale section. Here you will find CLEARANCE items, on sale products and OUTLET suits and equipment. Use the category menu shown to search through particular suit or equipment sections and contact us if you are looking for anything specific. 

cortex-weight-belt-01 cortex-weight-belt-07 cortex-weight-belt-04 cortex-weight-belt-03 cortex-weight-belt-06 cortex-weight-belt-05 cortex-weight-belt-02

OUTLET: Cortex Shot Weight Belts (Large)

£15.00 inc VAT £30.00 inc VAT

northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_footwear_delta_wetsuit_boot_01_1000x1000 northern_diver_delta_wetsuit_boot_033_1000x1000 northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_footwear_delta_wetsuit_boot_02_1000x1000 northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_footwear_delta_wetsuit_boot_03_1000x1000 northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_footwear_delta_wetsuit_boot_04_1000x1000 northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_footwear_delta_wetsuit_boot_05_1000x1000 northern_diver_water_sports_rescue_footwear_delta_wetsuit_boot_06_1000x1000

Neoprene Wet Boot

£15.00 inc VAT £24.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: 3L Storage Bag

£15.00 inc VAT £30.00 inc VAT

117L-yellow-drybag1 117L-yellow-drybag

OUTLET: 117L Roll Top Dry Bag

£15.00 inc VAT £21.00 inc VAT

Kids Watersports Wet Boots

£10.00 inc VAT £18.00 inc VAT

3mm-nd-neoprene-vest-01 3mm-nd-neoprene-vest-02

OUTLET: 3mm ND Neoprene Vest

£10.00 inc VAT £25.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: 5mm Hotwater Gauntlet Gloves (M)

£10.00 inc VAT £24.00 inc VAT