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Sale Items

Welcome to Northern Divers sale section. Here you will find CLEARANCE items, on sale products and OUTLET suits and equipment. Use the category menu shown to search through particular suit or equipment sections and contact us if you are looking for anything specific. 

mod_civilian_suit @nikiroihaofficial_mod_civilian_suit S-M-XLR

OUTLET: Commercial Grade Divers Drysuit...

£375.00 inc VAT £695.00 inc VAT

Z2274-1 L trilaminate-divers-drysuit_02 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_03 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_04 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_05 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_06 trilaminate-divers-drysuit_07

OUTLET: BIB Entry Dive Drysuit Large/Boo...

£370.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT

OUTLET: Black Surface/Boating Suit Large...

£350.00 inc VAT £999.00 inc VAT

Z1644-5 XLT Z1644 latex-neck-neo-warmer Z1644-3 latex-cuff-adjustable-cover Z1644-1 ykk-fly-zip Z1644-2 Z1644-4 tri-lam-socks-anti-slip-print

OUTLET: Heavy Duty Surface Suit XLT/Sock...

£330.00 inc VAT £555.00 inc VAT

V3 SF4 Surface Suit | 320D | FE

£300.00 inc VAT £567.00 inc VAT

RBX1-front-and-back-view RBX1-scuba-diver-photo RBX1-equipment-loops-on-wrist RBX1-neil-diving-photo RBX1-left-zipped-cargo-pocket RBX1-right-bellow-knife-pocket RBX1-Commercial-photo RBX1-kevlar-kneepads RBX1-socks RBX1-size-chart-m-mr

OUTLET: RBX Rubatex (M + MR Only)

£300.00 inc VAT £700.00 inc VAT

kevlar-suit-boating-operations-11 Z-2101-01 Z-2101-02 Z-2101-03 Z-2101-04 Z-2101-05 Z-2101-06 Z-2101-07

OUTLET: Kevlar® Boating Ops Surface Suit...

£299.00 inc VAT £645.00 inc VAT

Z1644-5 Z-1886-01 Z-1886-02 Z-1886-03 Z-1886-04 Z-1886-05 Z-1886-06

OUTLET: Boating, Boarding & Surface Suit...

£299.00 inc VAT £645.00 inc VAT

Z1644-5 Z-1884-01 Z-1884-02 Z-1884-03 Z-1884-04 Z-1884-05

OUTLET: Boating, Boarding & Surface Suit...

£299.00 inc VAT £645.00 inc VAT

Aquarious iSUP board - White & Blue Swirl Aquarious iSUP board - White & Blue, close up of the top of the board and the cargo area Aquarious iSUP board - White & Blue, close up of the inflation valve & EVA foam grip pad iSUP-board-action-shot-16 Aquarious iSUP board - included accessories Aquarious iSUP 8" Central Fin

Aquarious 10'6" Inflatable Stand up Padd...

£299.00 inc VAT £499.00 inc VAT